Vivian Vanatu

Full-Stack Web Developer | Front End Developer | Angular Developer | PHP Developer

Romania Web Developer Previous: Full Stack Web Developer | LAMP | REST APIs | International Collaboration View More Education: Bittnet Training - Front End Developer Certification View More

Personal Details

  • Birthday: 1979 December 6
  • Marital: Married
  • Nationality: Romanian

About Me

Dedicated and efficient full stack web developer with 10+ years experience in web development, custom MVC components, graphics and animations.

Developed multiple websites from a simple presentation webpage to a multi-language website with affiliate system and complex back-end.

Seeking to further improve Angular, JavaScript and Node.JS skills as Angular developer or full stack developer.

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From Jan 2023 To Present

WepriLog SRL Romania

Web Developer | Angular Developer | Backend Experience

  • Developed and maintained scalable web applications using Angular framework, delivering seamless user experiences and responsive interfaces.
  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams including designers, product managers, and QA engineers to gather requirements and ensure successful project delivery.
  • Implemented complex business logic and data manipulation using Angular components, services, and directives.
  • Integrated RESTful APIs and backend functionalities using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, ensuring smooth communication between front-end and server-side.
  • Actively researched and adopted the latest industry best practices and technologies, including Firebase features and updates, to enhance development processes and deliver innovative solutions.
  • Contributed to the improvement of the development workflow, implementing version control systems, code review processes, and Firebase deployment strategies.
  • Successfully delivered projects within tight deadlines, demonstrating strong time management and organizational skills.

From Feb 2021 To Jan 2023

(2 Years 1 Month)

WealthPrice Network SRL Romania

Web Developer | Shopify E-commerce Specialist | E-commerce

  • Designed, implemented, and administered online shops based on the Shopify platform, providing visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce experiences.
  • Specialized in customizing Shopify themes using the Liquid framework, tailoring the look and feel of online shops to align with clients’ branding and unique requirements.
  • Developed and optimized REST APIs to establish seamless communication between the back-end (PHP/MySQL) and front-end (plain JavaScript or Angular Framework), enabling efficient data exchange and dynamic website functionalities (on non-Shopify online stores).
  • Utilized plain JavaScript or the Angular Framework to create responsive and interactive front-end interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Implemented search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to improve online visibility and drive organic traffic to Shopify-based online shops.

From Aug 2016 To Nov 2022

(6 Years 9 Months)

Medisol SRL Dumbravita, Romania

Full Stack Web Developer | LAMP | REST APIs | International Collaboration

  • Developed robust web applications as a Full Stack Web Developer, utilizing the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack.
  • Extensively worked with Joomla and WordPress content management systems, customizing and extending their functionalities to meet specific requirements.
  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional international teams including sales team, distributors, designers, project managers, and R&D engineers to gather requirements and deliver high-quality solutions.
  • Developed of REST API endpoints to allow distributors websites to connect with the main website and get product details and specifications directly for the company website (PHP/MySQL)
  • Development of landing pages and JavaScript front ends (Angular or plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • Implementation of the design into HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/MySQL
  • Custom implementations, MVC components (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript)

From Feb 2015 To June 2016

(1 Year 4 Months)

WealthPrice Network SRL-D Timisoara, Romania

Online Course Creator

Creation of over 10 hours of video animated courses and promotional video presentations and animations.

  • Text and script writing for educational and promotional videos
  • Sound recording and voice over for educational and promotional videos (English and Romanian language)
  • Motion and Graphic design of the videos (design and animation of characters, kinetic typography)

From March 2012 To Feb 2015

(2 Years 11 Months)

Timisoara, Romania

Freelance Full Stack Web Developer

Creation of websites and web content for romanian and international customers:

  • simple HTML/CSS presentation websites
  • sales funnels and one page HTML/CSS websites
  • complex HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL websites
  • CMS websites (Joomla, Wordpress)
  • Online Shops

Recent Projects

Project Manager Demo

Project Management App created as a JavaScript/HTML/CSS demo project. It allows adding emmployees, projects and assigning employess to different projects.

View Demo See The Code

Data Acquisition Device Interface

Creation of the interface as well as the demo version for XpertVal64 Data Acquisition System (HTML/CSS/JavaScript), a touchscreen device that collects data from various sensors (T°, RH, Pressure, CO2, Voltage) and creates studies, reports and charts based on the data collected.

View Demo See The Code

Product Management Component

I organized and designed a new way of managing our products technical specifications (500+ items) by developing a multi-language component for our website (PHP/MySQL) that uses .csv files to import all the products specifications on our website (in a MySQL db as JSON data) and also in Indesign, where the data is used to generate catalogs and brochures. Third party websites (distributors) can connect to our data through a REST API and get the products list and products technical specification. Read More

Affiliate Tracking System

I created and implemented an affiliate tracking system that allows the sales team and distributors to track the visits and quote requests on our website through their own affiliate link.Read More

Training Component

Application (JavaScript/PHP/MySQL) that manages the courses and trainings of our sales team. The Training Component allows the company to add, edit and delete courses, sections or pages, and the users to see dedicated courses which are available for their user level. It tracks and shows the progress of each user during the course and it shows badges and certifications when specific sections are completed.Read More

Office Management Component

A component created using PHP/MySQL and JavaScript to manage our offices and distributors world wide. It’s a simple component that uses a separate MySQL table to store the user id, public name, latitude, longitude and contact details, joins the table with other user data and shows the offices on a map, with full details and links.Read More


From June 2022 To 2023


Angular Developer Certification - Bittnet Training Finished

48 Hours Angular Developer course, that includes:

  • Javascript Advanced Lesson
  • Introduction to Angular and Angular Basics
  • Planning, Setting Up, Debugging an Angular Application
  • Building your own directive, Dependency Injection, Routing, Query Params
  • Angular Forms, Template driven Forms, Reactive Forms
  • Authentication in an Angular app, Error Handling and logging out, Auth Guard to protect the routes
  • The deployment of an Angular app, Angular Animations, Unit testing in Angular app

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From May 2022 To 2023


NodeJS - The Complete Guide (MVC, REST APIs, GraphQL, Deno) Ongoing

40 Hours NodeJS course, that includes:

  • Rendering HTML Dynamically (on the Server)
  • build REST APIs with Node.js, GraphQL APIs,
  • Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Pattern
  • User Authentication and Authorization,
  • use MongoDB, SQL
  • Building a Realtime Node.js App with Websockets
  • Using TypeScript with Node.js

From 2021 To 2022

(4 Months)


Front End Developer Certification - Bittnet Training Finished

52 Hours Front End Developer Course, that includes:

  • web page speed and scalability optimization,
  • smartphone optimization of website,
  • improve user experience and navigation,
  • design the structure and content of the web page

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From 2015 To 2015 Online

Object Oriented PHP Course -

5 Hours course about building a website with PHP OOP

From 2015 To 2015

6 months

Timisoara, Romania

Entrepreneurship Course - R&B Consulting SRL

  • Planing and organizing an entrepreneurship project
  • Creation and testing of the product
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing mix
  • Sales strategy
From 2013 To 2013 Online

After Effects CS6 Essential Training (Ian Robinson)

  • The structure of an After Effects project
  • Animation of text and images
  • Creation of complex animations
  • Creation of promotional animations and kinetic typography

From 2011 To 2012


W3Schools - HTML, CSS, Javascript Tutorials

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

From 2004 To 2008

Timisoara, Romania

Research Doctorate - USAMVB Timisoara

Full time doctoral fellowship and creation of the doctoral thesis “Contributions to the study of some blood substitutes in the therapy of the hemorrhagic shock”. Graduation mark “Very good”.

Skills & Language

Angular Framework
OOP & MVC Architecture
Joomla / Wordpress
After Effects
Cinema 4D


  • RomanianRomanian: Native
  • EnglishEnglish: Experienced
  • ItalianItalian: Advanced